Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stay strong, YouTube, stay strong, and random fandom blurbs.

Ok, so, this blog was dead, but now I'm attempting to revive it since I'll (Jo) be returning to college soon and wish to add this to the million and one things that will distract me from going to class. wewt.

To celebrate this, I present today's Rant of the Day:
It pisses me off whenever someone thinks they can stop copyright infringement through a lawsuit. Being a pirate at heart (as is the rest of the world, according to PotC II's box office records), and not one to shed tears over people losing 1 billion out of their 50 billion dollar fortune (tries not to stare at Bill Gates), I present to you yet another dumb lawsuit against the internets. This time it's against YouTube:

Here's what I think of you, dear Mr. Robert Tur:

YES. I am calling him a nazi. Congratulations, you get it!

Jo's Current Fandom Obsession Watch:

Bleach - My road to Anime Otaku. Watch for the dubbed version to air on Adult Swim on Sept. 9th.

BSG - The spoilerfest that was the preview on SciFi during Eureka last Tuesday was ORGASMIC.

Project Runway - Let us all toast to a new season! And have a certain Keith burn in hell!
I'm personally hoping that Vincent has a seat reserved next to him...

Clerks II - Will I see it? Yes. Will you? It better be yes. It could be the most disgusting piece of crap ever put on screen, and I'd still laugh until my heart explodes and love every minute of it.
You know it has to be fucking awesome now.
A big <3 to Page Six.

And just because he would be on top of my fictional shag list now, another pic:

Damn, Jason Mewes! Why must I lust after your new smexiness?
The photo is courtesy of Best Week Ever's blog and iFilm's coverage of the Clerks II premeire.

Off to hide myself in Jay-wanting shame,
- Jo

Monday, April 10, 2006

T-shirt mania for fangirls and cafepress updates...

We are poor and lowly college fangirls, who can't afford anything other than cafepress, but hey it's a great site. So far we haven't put much on there, but lately I've been getting more on the ball about it. If you would like any shirts that aren't up there yet, just post a message and we could set it up for you. However, some shirts we can't make, such as some of the few fanshirts since they're really just posted for fun, not profit.

Anyway, a couple more designs are on cafepress, so you should check it out.

And here's a couple shirt designs to tempt you to do so:

Reefer Madness you say?!?!?

We're back! Veronica Mars should be saved and we're continuing our journey to hell...

Yeah, so life sucks and then you die, or so we say. Over spring break my computer died (I was stupid and broke it and have been taking crap for it ever since), it needed to have its system board, its keyboard, and modem alllll replaced. Yeah, I fucked it up. Luckily I still had a warranty and so sent it into Dell, I just didn't have my comp for a couple weeks and Jenn was too lazy to update anything on hers, and I was too lazy to update anything on the library's computers, hence the near month long absence.

However, I have my computer back the chaos can finally continue!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Battlestar Galactica and Veronica Mars, ZOMG! :O

So, we're both psychotic BSG and Veronica Mars fans. Yes, I love the nerdfest that are these wonderful television shows. They really are some of the best that's on TV right now, so you should definitely check them out on Wednesdays and Fridays (if you don't already). Anyway, a ton of insane stuff went on last Friday on the Battlestar Galactica season finale, and here's Hell Bound's nerdly reaction. There be spoilers and ye be warned. Check it out:

Also, Jo (that being me) has an interesting nerdy theory on some of the developments in Veronica Mars and BSG:

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Most Offensive T-Shirts Jenn could think of the other night...

Jenn looks forward to your hate mail. :)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Tom Cruise Lawyers for Justice AWAY! *whoosh!*

Making Jenn's idea come to life via photoshop.
*keeps an eye out for scientologist lawyers*


It's so true.


Because Jo (that'd be me referring to myself in the 3rd person) is a dork.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

White and..........

what? hehe...

The first one is Jenn #5, and the second one is Jo's.

His and hers...

[Jenn #4]

The best TV shows...

Well, I've been a busy bee tonight.
And here's the love child that was a result of it:

To commemorate Alan Rickman's birthday...

Yeah it's a little late, but here's a little present for the Snape and Snarry fangirls (and boys) out there:


My inner cheesy Lost fangirl just couldn't help it....

Yeah, yeah, I know. But look! It's not white! Now that's impressive! *goes off to hide in her dark fangirly corner* I blame it on the fandoms for eating what was left of my brain...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Not being political I swear! He's just an idiot...

[Jenn #3]